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If you’re facing a serious criminal charge, sugar coating your situation won’t cut it. At my firm, you’ll get a clear picture of your legal situation and how to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Criminal Defense


Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Criminal Charges Require Informed, Experienced, and Strategic Advice

If you are arrested on a serious charge, you may feel as if the world is aligned against you. Suddenly your job, your reputation, even your relationships with family can be at risk. Some may judge you; some may feel sorry for you. But what will actually help you is a lawyer who understands the criminal justice system.

I am Jeff Brown, and I founded my firm to provide Central Illinois clients with solid defense strategies for their criminal cases. Before starting my own firm, I worked as a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s office in McLean County, as well as serving as a public defender in McLean County and a probation officer in Logan County, Illinois. I have seen the justice system from a variety of vantage points. This gives me an advantage in understanding how courts in this area work and the best strategies for minimizing the negative consequences of your arrest.

Searching For Soft Spots In The Case Against You

No matter how much a criminal charge may threaten your future, it is rare that the case is “airtight.” My years as a prosecutor provide me with insight about how the prosecution may approach your case. I can evaluate the evidence and dispute aspects of your case that are weak.

I will review every aspect of your arrest. For DUI cases, I will investigate how field sobriety tests were administered, how the breath or blood alcohol evidence was gathered, and if there was probable cause to stop you. If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, I will investigate what prompted police to question or conduct a search of your person or your property (home or car). I will also check to see if the evidence (drugs) was handled properly after the arrest and measured properly, since Illinois law bases many of its punishments for drug possession, delivery, and/or trafficking based upon the amount of the substance recovered.

When done properly by a qualified defense attorney, the details they find can introduce mitigating factors for your defense or call into question the validity of the state’s case.

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My Legal Background

Learn how my prior positions as a public defender, a probation officer and a prosecutor have made me a successful criminal defense lawyer.