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Not All DUI Cases Are The Same

After a DUI arrest, most people want to know exactly what will happen. They will often end up hiring whichever attorney “promises” them they will “win” their case. However, every case is different. There is no way that the exact outcome can be predicted. If any lawyer is promising a specific outcome, you should find a better lawyer.

What I can do is look at your case and give you a sound assessment as to your chances of avoiding prison or having the charges reduced or dropped. I can give you a good sound prediction. My name is Jeff Brown. I have been handling drunk driving cases and a range of other criminal law matters for more than 15 years. From my office in Bloomington, I represent clients throughout central Illinois.

While I can’t promise a specific result, I can promise that I will do everything possible to get you the results you need.

How To Fight A DUI Charge

A DUI case is not a matter of simply paying a fine, signing some paperwork and getting on with your life. The consequences are real, and this case requires a skilled, strategic fight.

The key to fighting a DUI charge is to find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case brick by brick. These bricks can include:

  • Issues with the evidence: When errors are made in the stop or arrest, or problems can be found with the blood alcohol content tests, these can often render the evidence inadmissible.
  • Issues with the procedure: If your rights were violated at all during the procedure (i.e., the arresting officer failed to read you your Miranda rights), these can result in the charges being dismissed.
  • Technicalities: There are other various technicalities in the trial that a skilled attorney can catch to dismantle the prosecutor’s case.
  • Good negotiating: An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how good a client’s case is and what the best approach is for minimizing the consequences. I know the judges and prosecuting attorneys in central Illinois, and I know how to negotiate to get my clients the results they need.

There’s often a way to improve my client’s circumstances in a DUI case. I find that way, if it exists, and I use it to win my clients’ cases.

Call A Lawyer Today

I offer free consultations. If you are facing DUI charges, you can talk with me about your case. Call me at 309-777-0504 or email me today for a free initial consultation.