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Skilled Defense Against DUI Charges

Perhaps you made a single mistake and drove after having one too many. You might not have a single criminal charge on your record. It doesn’t matter. If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois, you are in harm’s way. You need a skilled, experienced lawyer to defend you against these charges.

I am Jeff Brown. With more than 15 years of criminal law experience, I provide strong criminal defense against DUI charges in Bloomington and throughout central Illinois. As a former prosecutor and public defender, I have a wealth of experience in DUI matters, and I understand these cases from both sides, which helps me know how to win for my clients.

Fight back against these charges with a skilled lawyer on your side.

Do You Have A Strong Case?

I take a thorough, aggressive approach to defending my clients against DUI charges, looking for any way to defeat the charges:

  • Problems with the stop: The police need to have a valid reason for stopping you, and there are strict rules against setting up checkpoints for the sole purpose of catching drunk drivers.
  • Problems with the arrest: If you were arrested without being read your rights, if the police were unnecessarily harsh or violent, or if the police officer committed any other violation of your rights, it could be valuable to your defense.
  • Problems with the roadside sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests: The primary problem with roadside tests and blood alcohol tests is that they are unreliable. They simply don’t work. You might have a health condition that could cause you to appear intoxicated when you are not, and even chewing gum shortly before a breathalyzer test could skew the results.
  • Other evidentiary problems: There are numerous places to look in the video files and other records. If there is anything that could weaken or destroy the prosecutor’s case, I will find it.

By uncovering problems with the procedures or evidence, I can weaken the prosecutor’s case and either reduce the sentence that you face or possibly get the charges thrown out completely.

However, not every case is this strong. In some cases, the police and the prosecutor do everything perfectly and there is strong evidence against the accused. Talk with an attorney to find out how strong your DUI case is.

Contact A Lawyer For A Free Consultation

It is important to call a lawyer right away to fight against the criminal charges and to defend your driving privileges. Call me at 309-777-0504 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation.